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How to restore an unlocked iPhone with 1015 error?

By IndiaTech5 - Sat Jul 16, 6:20 am

Question by Paul Washington: How to restore an unlocked iPhone with 1015 error?
I bought an unlocked iPhone 3G from a store. How can I restore after I have accidentally updated it in iTunes?

Best answer:

Answer by Ken Woods
THIS IS THE FIX!! FIX FOR ERROR 1015 Recovery Loop on Itunes
I usually just take take take, but here it is I am giving back to me Peers

FIRST find and download
iREB 4.0.x/4.1 r2 <-- that is the second version see the r2, mine worked using this

also you need to have Custom Firmware 4.1 which comes with the 6.15.00 baseband which can be unlocked

I've gone ahead and uploaded the files for you to download here -->

iphone 3g –> http://www.filefactory.com/file/b48b0ec/n/iPhone1_2_4.1_8B117_Custom_Restore.ipsw
iREB –> http://www.filefactory.com/file/b48b0f2/n/22773-iREB_4.0.x-4.1-RC2.exe

sorry if the downloads are slow, it was a free site, you could always try and find your own customs, or build your own with a mac is what I recommend using pwnage tool

So first you run iREB, you choose your iphone let it do its thing and follow the on screen
instructions to put your phone into DFU mode. ONCE iREB is finished your iPhone will either have some cool snowflake on it or be some random color, mine was green, now you are ready to restore via ITUNES with your custom firmware, you should have the custom firmware downloaded by now, HOLD SHIFT then click restore,
browse to the custom firmware and let it restore.. do not exit iREB when it is almost finished it will error out to 1015 :) THAT IS OKAY

Do not use redsnow or anything on this, this is already a jailbroken custom file
Now when its on the connect to itunes part on your iPhone, go back to iREB on the Tabs click on the second one Recovery, you will see two options click on the top one it says True auto boot, let it do its work :) and and and and VOILA!!! chikka chikka ah! ! give it 2 minutes and you should be ready to roll!! :)

ROMANIANS ROCK!! never forget it :)

IF THIS WORKS PLEASE THUMBS UP IT, everyone should know!! ;-) if you are interested in replica iphone 4, iphone 5,smaller iphone,please visit
for more information.

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  1. http://iphone.pandaapp.com/news/11232010/225635795.shtm
    I think this is what you wnat

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